HOA Office 925-736-6440

HOA Fax 925-736-0428

Administrative Assistant: Peggy Law

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Email: [email protected]

New homeowners and renter registration, escrow documents,  and realtor questions,

Community Service Director: Leslie Will 

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Email: [email protected]

Architectural Liaison, Judiciary Liaison for fine and hearings, and collection matters.

Community Compliance Coordinator: Serena Vierra

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Email: [email protected]

Violation for landscape, maintenance, parking, noise, etc., Transponder appointment requests, Eagle Nest Park reservations, overnight parking passes and party passes.

Division Manager: Naz Hayath

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Email: [email protected]

For after hour emergencies “ONLY” call 925-886-9333

All HOA common area:

landscape matters: fallen trees and broken branches,  faulty common area irrigation, street drain debris, annual weed abatement, and sport fields.

maintenance matters: annual road maintenance, street sweeping, Eagle Nest restrooms, wildlife damage on common area from pigs, turkeys & ground squirrels.

Security Manager: Andrew Konieczny

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Email: [email protected]

For after hour emergencies “ONLY” call 925-594-9414

All security gate concerns, scheduling pre and post construction inspections of ARC approved exterior projects.

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Contact Consortium at 888-786-6000 ext. 0 for HOA assessment questions or email [email protected] and for escrow documents or questions email [email protected]