The Blackhawk Homeowners Association is nestled in the hills of the beautiful San Ramon Valley at the base of Mt. Diablo. We think of ourselves not as a homeowners’ association but rather as a neighborhood and community where families can flourish, where all members, young and old, can have privacy, and where homes and recreation blend in our relationship to the Blackhawk Country Club.

Blackhawk HOA is a planned unit development consisting of 2027 homes, with an estimated population of 6000 people. We have over 26 miles of private roads and hundreds of acres of open space, meandering both inside and around the borders of the community. We are an affluent community and one of the most beautiful in Northern California.   We think of ourselves as the Premier Community of the East Bay.

Access to this elegant community is through one of our four staffed or electronic entrances. Our Gate Attendants are available 24 hours a day, and they proudly stand ready to assist residents, guests, and Country Club members with entry into the community.

As one enters Blackhawk, one will be impressed with the variety and styles of our beautiful custom homes. The lush manicured landscaping is complemented by Blackhawk Country Club’s two renowned 18-hole golf courses. Many of our homes have magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.

Though separate from the homeowners’ association, the Blackhawk Country Club is an intrinsic part of our community. The association and club have many mutual responsibilities, and the club offers a wonderful social and recreational aspect to life here at Blackhawk. In addition to the golf courses, there are two elegant clubhouses as well as tennis and swimming facilities.

The association offers a variety of diverse homes. All homes are members of the Master Association, and roughly 20% of our homes are also members of one of the 6 sub-associations, each with their own special needs, Boards of Directors, and assessments. Sub-associations were created because these groups of homes have maintenance responsibilities that are unique to their area.

Blackhawk is self-managed, governed by a five-member Board of Directors, and augmented by the volunteer efforts of three committees and the service of several outstanding contractors. The staff works under the direction of the General Manager, Melissa Peralta.  Scott Sweet is the current Board President.

A goal of the Board and Staff for the last several years has been to provide ever-improving service. Our four member administrative staff, two maintenance technicians, and five landscape crew are all geared to be “user friendly” and provide professional assistance to all of our residents and guests. The contractors providing 24-hour Privacy Services have been trained to provide the same courteous and personal service. 

We recognize that moving into a large community like Blackhawk can be exciting and possibly a bit overwhelming. We provide new residents with a complete and expanded welcome package introducing them to the community and area.

The five-member Board of Directors invests several hours each month working with management to protect and enhance the community and property values. They also serve as members on one or more of our committees. These dedicated volunteers each serve staggering 2-year terms, with a maximum of 4 terms. 

The association, through its General Manager and Staff,  maintains the common areas, consisting of both improved landscaping and un-improved natural land, parks, sports fields, roads, parking lots, and the gates and entry structures. In addition, to promote the beauty of our community, we have installed landscape improvements and have taken on the maintenance of portions of county land outside of our gates.

Volunteers assist us by contributing time and effort to the Architectural Review Committee and the Judiciary Committee. 

Our Architectural Review Committee meets twice monthly, reviewing construction and landscaping plans for all homes in the community. With each house being individually designed and with lots varying in size, location, and topography, design review is both an interesting and complex process where neighbors and neighborhood needs must blend with the needs of the new homes under construction.

While the Association does not have responsibility for the repair and maintenance of private property, individual residences, or vacant lots, management stands ready to advise private homeowners wherever possible in maintaining their respective properties in a manner consistent with community standards.

To give you an idea of the vastness of some of our expenses, weed abatement of our hillsides, which is required by the Fire District, runs $120,000 annually and, depending on weather conditions, may be higher. Road maintenance averages $750,000 or more per year.

One aspect of Blackhawk that we are most proud of is our sense of responsibility in community service:

*   Each year, we make our baseball and soccer fields available to the local children’s sporting leagues;

*   Our Holiday Food Drive benefits the Contra Costa Food Bank.

*  We proudly work side by side with Hospice of Contra Costa County, designating one of the beautiful Oak trees outside our main entrance as a “Hospice Tree of Lights.” The lighting ceremony held in early December.

Contra Costa County provides special services to Blackhawk residents, and, in turn, our homeowners pay ad-valorem taxes for these special services that are provided to the community by the county.

The ad-valorem taxes fund Blackhawk Police District which is a division of the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department. Essentially, we have our own police district here in Blackhawk.     

Other tax funds are specifically designated for a Geologic Hazard Abatement District (GHAD). GHAD monitors and provides control and repairs for landslides which may threaten to damage property.

This invaluable service provides us with insurance that we could not otherwise obtain.

So, what is Blackhawk? Simply put, we are an elegant community with a strong sense of neighborhood, surrounded by a beautiful country club nestled in the hills below Mount Diablo. Our entries provide access and personal service to residents and guests alike. Our members have a deep-rooted sense of community both within and outside the association. In short, Blackhawk Homeowners Association is a lovely community where our members are proud to reside, and our staff is honored to be of service.

We truly are the Premier Community of the East Bay.

If you have any additional questions about the Blackhawk HOA community, please Contact Us today!